The above image is by Bansky an England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

Recently I've been coaching corporate rebels who want to break out of the rat race and go out on their own. As an entrepreneur myself, I can identify with the star struck look in their eyes as they share their dreams and ambitions and their great idea. Interestingly a lot of them aren't as ready as they think they are to break out of the rat race.

Part of the coaching process is to help them evaluate themselves, where they are in life, what their motivations are for wanting to start up and of course helping them develop their ideas. Getting out of jail though isn't as easy as they presume it will be and a talk with me is both motivating and sobering. I always find it quite fascinating how much people complain about the rat race and rave about leaving and never do anything to actually step out of it.

To summarize the Rat Race, It involves subjecting one's self to a time-consuming job, saddling one's self with heavy mortgages/rents, bills, children, and liabilities, forcing the individual to continue busting his or her ass at that same job. The illusion that working at the same job will be better bars off alternatives. Definition from The Urban Dictionary

If the description above, is of the life you want to live, then that's fine with me. We all have the rights to do with our lives what we want to and without being judged by others, because we spend too much time judging ourselves anyway.

If that description is what you don't want your life to be about- that's awesome! And if your life is like that, you can change that. You can make a decision to leave that path and start walking on one that you won't regret on your deathbed- because from what I hear deathbeds are often crowded with regrets.

So what steps do you need to take to get out the rat race? Two difficult things,

  1. Decide to leave the rat race- that my friend is not as easy as whining about it all the time and wishing you could leave. It's not like when an addict imagines one day being free from their addiction. It's making a life altering decision that could mean a lower standard of living for you and your family as you build a new business- it means risk. The risk of failure, the risk of ridicule and the risk of discomfort. I once heard the following phrase in a TV series "Rehab is for those who need it- not for those who want it." It was so poignant because we all have wants- but we can live without many of them. It's the needs that we chase to the ends of the earth.
  2. Find an idea to build your new life on. Everyone that breaks out of anything they don't want to be in- has an idea of how they will make their escape- they draft a plan. Instead of whining about how great it would be to leave- how about actually coming up with an idea? You want to start a business? Ok! Great! What are you going to sell and who are you going to sell it to? Every single business started off with an idea! Every single one and that idea has to be worth leaving the race for.

Like I said neither of these two steps will be easy to follow through on- heck, I know plenty of people who hate their jobs and want to start-up something and aren't even bothering to try get past these first two steps. The question I have for you is- are you willing to take those first two steps and deal with whatever else comes after that?

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