Ok, inevitably, during the course of doing business, you will meet hyenas and jackals, they are people who don't care about your ideas and don't ant to care. They will knock you down and misunderstand you just because they can. These people are poison and you'd do well to fly under their radar with any great ideas you have, before they have the chance to knock you down.

Ideas are like babies and at the beginning, they can be fragile and easily bruised if handled badly. Until you have had a chance to develop your concept and flesh it out a little, don't allow it to be picked to pieces by hyenas and jackals. And if you can't hide your new-born from the beast of prey, get ready to fight for that seed of greatness you're nurturing- because you're the only one who can grow it- if you don't no one will and the world will be left poorer for lack of it.

I was recently speaking to a young woman who has been given a phenomenal opportunity to further her education and grown her business and has encountered resistance in the form of jackals who don't miss a chance to know her down and tell her she will never succeed and that she's going to fail anyway. These knuckle-heads don't know her from adam, they have never sat down with her to try and understand her background or her history- and especially her vision. They have discounted her as an entrepreneur simply due to biases that exist in their own puny minds.

Her response? She works harder, she ignores them and does her thing and her business is slowly becoming more successful. She is using their resistance to work the muscles of her determination and become stronger. Follow her example and stand your ground.

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