So I'm facing some challenges with my business- like everyone else! I am not afraid to admit that things aren't always easy, that's the nature of business, what makes it a bit dicey is that I have a Type A personality so I tend to like to keep things moving, so when they aren't moving- I get frustrated. I have a friend who is a total Type B personality so nothing gets him huffing and puffing and in a hurry to fix. Sometimes I marvel at how relaxed he is while I am just about to do an angry bird explosion.

So recently I just had to make peace with the fact that I didn't know what to do, and that it wasn't the end of the world and not a reason for me to get more tense and worried. One of the things that my Type B friend suggested I do was take a look at all the things that I had actually managed to do and celebrate the small steps I'm making to get closer to where I want to be. Which isn't easy for me, because I am always measuring my own performance and essentially competing with myself. I now realize the importance of celebrating small victories and not immediately marching off into the next battle.

So if you're like me, know that it's ok to not have all the answers, it's okay to not have a perfect game plan for taking over the world. It's ok to not be perfect at everything. It's ok to still be learning and figuring things out. Stop beating yourself up.

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