All of us live lives that are held together by some sort of order and routines, these routines, habits and ways of life help move us forward. We wake up at a particular time on most days and start feeling sleepy at a usual time in the evening. We all know that the world is round, we need to eat to live, we need money to pay our bills and we have friends and family that we love. Life is full of basics, so many that it would be wasteful for me to try and make a list of them.

These basics help create the foundations of our comfort zones, if they get jolted even a little bit, we sometimes find ourselves engulfed in panic and fear and do our best to get things to go back to the way they had been before.

If you're going to be creative however, you need to embrace the concept of random encounters with different people and elements to help you build new ideas- ideas that have nothing to do with what you're already used to. Ideas that will not be built or found in any comfort zone you have.

People often get stuck on doing things "the way they have always been done" because they want to get results that are expected and that are safe. But if you're in business, being safe is no longer a good thing,in fact it is as dangerous as playing with a cobra. No business that plays it safe in any area of operations will live to see the end of this decade. The world is changing so much and so quickly, that those who wait to see if others will succeed and use the pioneer's "perfect formula" will find themselves always trying to catch-up and failing miserably.

Don't let that be you! Learn to embrace whatever experiences you encounter and find a way to weave them into the tapestry of your ideas.