So you have a great idea? A big one that is destined to work out, you crunch the numbers and do your voo-doo math and you are sure that the idea is definitely going to work and that you'll be swimming in money in no time, or at the very least you will be famous, well known and respected. You're sure that this one idea will not only change your life but the world and everything you know.

You're so convinced that it will work out that you don't care what anyone else has to say or what anyone thinks about it. You're ready to do whatever it take to make it work and you're going fight tooth and nail until you get what you want. You're ready to put your life savings into it, you're ready to put yourself through hell and it's time to "do or die."

Your banker, spouse, friends- everyone is wrong and you're right... right?

Now, I will always be the first to encourage people to chase after their visions and goals and throw their faith behind a concept if they really believe in it. But there are certain ideas that aren't worth destroying one's life over, the kind where the numbers don't make sense, where the marketing doesn't agree and the kind that let you walk on a path that is lonely and paved with constant doubt.

The world isn't as closed as it used to be, it's now easier to get more information and assistance when you want to develop a concept. You're connected at the fingertips with hundreds of friends and colleagues online that you can pitch your concept to and get real-time feedback. There are so many communities that can support you as an entrepreneur, as well as services out there that allow you to design and create a 3D printed prototype.

If you find yourself as a lone wolf against the whole world with an idea, when there is so much support you could be getting, you should consider the possibility that you're on the wrong path and be willing to change course.

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