I know that as a corporate rebel you're dying to get out of your 9-5 job and launch into the adventure of starting your own business. You're practically ready to chew off your own foot just to get out of the chains of corporate life. And it's great that you have a great idea that you think will change the world and place your name in the history books. It's an adventure you're ready to start and launch into with as much gusto as a pirate on the high seas.

Ok, this is going to be a very counter-intuitive post, and I suspect I might gain the ire of a lot of people with good intentions. But that's ok, what I have to say needs to be said to all the people out there who have longed and dreamt of quitting their jobs and starting a business.

Don't quit your job for an idea that is still pie in the sky and hasn't been developed to a point where you ABSOLUTELY KNOW that someone would buy into it.

So many people launch into starting a business based on raw emotion. The emotions range from hating their jobs to longing to be independent and in control of their own finances. So in this haze of heart-racing enthusiasm they quit their jobs, cross their fingers and dive right into it. And that's the point when the fairytale turns into a nightmare for many of them.

The whole idea that entrepreneurs are a risk taking and wild bunch that ride off into the sunset in search of adventure and riches and always through luck, fortune and hard work always succeed... well has been greatly exaggerated. Your die-hard belief in yourself and your idea can be greatly exaggerated and warped by raw emotion, especially if you're convinced that your idea can't fail. Because businesses and ideas fail all the time!

As a trainer who does creativity and innovation workshops, I often stumble upon great raw concepts that with a little work can be made to be viable- but the entrepreneur in question thinks they are ready to launch! If i catch them at this stage, I say "Hold your damn horses! No one is going to buy this yet!"

One of two things happen either they think I am wrong and they stick to their own guns and get on a path that's clearly destined to be difficult. Or the alternative is when a potential entrepreneur isn't so stuck in their ways that they pause and realize they need to go back to the drawing board before they do something stupid- like quitting their job. At this stage, I give them advice on how to develop their idea further, or if they are a fit for me as a potential coaching client we look at working together at over a period of 8-16 weeks on developing their concept to a stage where they can quit their job and launch the business.

The point is, don't be swept away by your emotions and quit your job until your concept is truly ready! If you do, you'll fail. Not because you had a bad idea, but because your idea didn't have a strong enough foundation to grown on.

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