In the wildly popular classic book “Frankenstein” by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, a doctor (Victor Frankenstein) creates a humanoid creature. Using different body parts which he gets from all sorts of dubious places, he manages to harness the power of lightning to bring this creature to life- after he is done- he doesn’t like what he has come up with, but hey- it’s still alive!

I had that “It’s alive!” moment at 5:30 this morning.

So over the past few weeks I have been noticeably absent from my daily ramblings about creativity and ideas, I have been swamped working on the back-end of my first online school! (If I hadn’t been working all night I would do a little dance of joy) one thing you may not know about me is that I am a perfectionist- and I like to do things BIG.

If it’s not perfect and if it’s not big- I don’t want to leave it alone and that basically means that I can spend double the time working on something that is actually ok. And this morning after I had spent the whole night up- at 5:30 I finally told myself “girl get into bed!” and I left it alone!

I woke up three hours later and my dad (being the super dad he is) had bought a course already (Love you Dad!) and apart from the exhilaration of that bit of encouragement- I kept thinking to myself “But, it’s not perfect! But I want it perfect!” and then I realized that I was being a hypocrite- because, I the person who tells people about putting their ideas out there and not getting caught in the trap of wanting to make things perfectly, was in the same trap.

I feel like my idea is a Frankenstein (I might be exaggerating- but feelings aren’t often rational) and one thing that I found sad about the book was how Dr. Frankenstein turned away from his creation after he saw how grotesque it was. He ran away from it- which led to it hunting him down through Europe and it was a sad saga of unrequited love. I, on the other hand am not going to run away- I kind of love my little monster and it can only get better.

The point of this article is- Throw your idea together and put it out there! It might be monster- but it’s your little monster and you can only make it better. If you can just get past that electrifying “IT’S ALIVE!” moment- the pride you have in actually bringing it to life will fuel the improvements you need to make.

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And there's a movie coming up- it'll probably devastate fans of the book, alas that's the world we live in.