We have all been to parties before, some people like them, some don’t. Those that don’t shouldn’t be invited to the party, because they don’t want to be there and they make everyone else who is there wish, they weren’t there. It’s the same thing with ideas. Developing ideas should be like a party, people should get together and bring their own different personalities and perspectives into the mix, people should laugh, people should speculate, people should do and try crazy things.

There should be food, there should be games, there should be sugar and caffeine. There should be color and wild stories. Every problem should be left at the door and the party should create such a whirlwind of excitement that no one wants to leave until they are kicked out.

Instead most idea sessions are dull... boring... annoying... full of conflict and politics and petty agendas. No one likes them, people need painkillers after them and honestly during them, everyone needs a pillow. It's like attending the most boring lecture you had in college. The internal yawns are reverberating against the walls.

Which kind of ideating session would you rather attend? Which one would you rather plan? So what are you waiting for? Let the party begin! As a fun note aside, below is one of the most interesting ads by TBWA that I think encapsulates the need for "Party-cipation" when applied to ideation of course!

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