If you have ever had the pleasure of having a puppy in your life, you know that not only are they cute and cuddly and very mischeivious- but they love to play. They will play with anything and anyone! And if they leave the safe area of your home, they can end up chasing after a random stranger and then another stranger until they are completely lost and don't know how to get home.

I am like a puppy when it comes to ideas- I love to buy blank notebooks (the ones with no lines) and fill them with all sorts of great new ideas that I want to implement in my business- not necessarily because they are a right fit for my company, but because they are so cool!!! And they look like so much fun.

And recently I was listening to the AWESOME BOOK by Michael Gerber

"The E-myth Revisited" (the link goes to youtube)

If you have started your own company and you feel lost and overwhelmed- get this book. I am not one to recommend books- but this one is worth the read.

One of the key aspects in the book was planning for your company's future- something most of us are too overwhelmed to do. The way he described it, was that you should sit and think about what your company should look like when you get everything together- when you're successful. I thought this would be no issue for me, because I know where I am going right? Right! Until I compared the future of my company as I imagined it and all the little run away ideas that I have been putting my attention into. That's when I realised that, though I knew what the core idea I wanted to achieve was- I wasn't chasing that idea one hundred percent. I was getting distracted and having the time of my life with other ideas.

Now I don't think this is a challenge that only applies to me, streamlining is desperately needed and some serious idea-puppy-schooling. So if you are finding yourself chasing every new concept until you forget where it is you are supposed to be- go back to basics, make a plan to work on the ideas that you know you need to build the future of your business on and stay on them until they bear fruit.

You might be asking, "But Nicolette- what about the other really great ideas I have? Should I just abandon them?" Nope,

You should give new ideas 30 minutes a day and after that thirty minutes put them away. And get back to the main thing.

I would never tell anyone to completely abandon a new idea- because that idea might just be what is needed to take your business to the next level- or not... just focus on what needs to be done.

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