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STOP Chasing Ideas like a Puppy

If you have ever had the pleasure of having a puppy in your life, you know that not only are they cute and cuddly and very mischeivious- but they love to play. They will play with anything and anyone! And if they leave the safe area of your home, they can end up chasing after a random stranger...


Build a Frankenstein Idea

In the wildly popular classic book “Frankenstein” by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, a doctor (Victor Frankenstein) creates a humanoid creature. Using different body parts which he gets from all sorts of dubious places, he manages to harness the power of lightning to bring this creature to life-...


Let People Play With Your Idea

A very good friend of mine has a daughter that she doesn’t allow to play with the other children in the apartment block they live in, when I asked her why she doesn’t let her child play with the other children, she simply said “I don’t want her to play with all those other children, she should...


Take Your Foot off The Idea Accelerator or Burn Out

This was me last night, I literally mean last night, (September 30, 2015) I was stressed, my head was aching, my thoughts were swimming. I felt like I was going into a meltdown- not emotionally- but mentally. I was drained and didn’t know what to do because I am in the middle of planning for a...


Why Your Idea Bubble Should Be Burst

I hate to burst your bubble, but your idea is probably not the original you thought it was. In fact someone has probably done the same thing you have in mind- because as King Solomon said “There is nothing new under the sun.” Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it is possible to come up with a...


The Party Life of Ideas

We have all been to parties before, some people like them, some don’t. Those that don’t shouldn’t be invited to the party, because they don’t want to be there and they make everyone else who is there wish, they weren’t there. It’s the same thing with ideas. Developing ideas should be like a...